Welcome to Jpatterns

JPatterns is a Java Framework providing the set of patterns implementation in Java as well as opportunity to create JPatterns consumer specific patterns and include them to using the plugins-based mechanism. Also it provides the built-in support of scopes and priorities allowing consumers of framework introduce different configuration scopes, override any implementations and configurations items just increasing priority. Plugins-based architecture gives the Java developer the way to standartize your application and make it really components-running, as we just a: determine what could be the pattern (as it is component based - we need to define the component) b: extebnd standard XSD with the grammar you need for the component c: plugin it to the JPatterns d: use it everywhere, not at the concrete application, moreover, with the scopes/priorities support. And what is great you are pushing the developers working with you to operate on the patterns laguage and making their development stuff as a reusable components which could be used separately or could plugin to Jpatterns.

Feature List

The following is a list of the most notable features available in JPatterns.


JPatterns allows the way to override:

  • all the implementations of all the main components of JPatterns core
    • using properties file
    • as JVM parameter
  • all the important parameters of JPatterns: the dir where XMl files for the consumer and framework configuration to find etc.

How to start for now to try it?

  • Download the zip file with tests for Jpatterns
  • Study the test methods com.sourceforge.jpatterns.core.JPEngineImplTest#testGetFactory, com.sourceforge.jpatterns.patterns.factory.JPFactoryImplTest#testGetImplementation and approrpiate XML files are used for tests: src\test\resources\testdata\JPEngineImplTest and src\test\resources\testdata\JPEngineFactoryTest
  • Try to use JPatterns at your test application.

Why so few information?

Unfortunately JZmicer.Team has almost 5 A.M., so we are goinf to sleep soon. Still we are planning to update the documentation very soon! Also the test example allowing to play with JPatterns would be provided soon.